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Aug. 2nd, 2006 | 04:00 pm
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Question of the Month: August '06

Dear Dragon,
Can you recommend any on-line resources for an Aspiring Writer?

My advice to you, harsh as it sounds, is to turn off your internet during writing times. Also, turn off the ringer on your phone, get someone to watch the pets/kids, put on earphones and lock the door. Do not do laundry. Do not look at your pictures or go through your writing books or magazines. Sit down. Write. Yes, solitaire is right out.

Once you have a finished piece, I recomment a market website: Ralan's Webstravaganza. Carpe Libris is also a fun place to visit.

Dear Asp.,
There are a variety of useful websites that exist to assist and support writers. They run the gamut from reasearch resources to support services to market listing to everything in between. CL Favorites might be able to give you a jumping-off pint, but keep in mind that this is by no means a comprehensive list. In fact, you may find some wonderful site we've never heard of. If you do, and want to have a link added, contact our webmaster.

We're always looking for excuses not to work. Speaking of excuses.... *runs off to try http://www.mccord-museum.qc.ca/en/keys/games/game_0/*

Dear Asp:
Resources or temptations? You mortals fall prey to distractions so easily. There are legions of lovely websites and blogs out there, just waiting to beguile you. Many offer helpful advice and camaraderie. Here's the catch: When you're on them, you're not writing! Choose your temptations wisely.

My personal favorite is The Rumor Mill. So many writers gathered in one place, handing out advice, chatting, setting out whatever delicious tidbits of thought tickle their fancy...it's enough to set a Dark Muse slavering! Old B&G

Hmmm, web-sites. As you know, we've got a load listed on the CL Favorites page, and are always looking for new ideas there. We add some every few weeks. You've got a great suggestion of a handy page, put it in to comments below, and we'll look at it.

Personal Favorite? Critters, an on-line workshop for Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror. Ralan's Webstravaganza and Speculations (The Rumor Mill) are also important to me.

We keep harping on it. Don't spend all your time doing the web. Set limits for yourself and keep to them!

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